Band Members

Geoff Adams

Guitar/Lead Vocals

Son of the late, great, Dennis Adams, Geoff was practically born with a guitar in his hand. His formative years were spent playing alongside his Dad in his various bands, before he founded local metal legend Unmarked as a teenager with his big brother Josh Gerson on drums.

Geoff later went on to play in a myriad of other bands and studio projects. He was a founding member and the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for Hidden Agenda and Sir Mizer. He was the frontman for both metal powerhouse Hognutt and punk rock band Threat 13, and more recently has played lead guitar for Atlanta punk outfit The Issues.

Not content on just one instrument, Geoff also served as the bassist and co-lead singer in End Rezult with Mike and played bass in blues experimental project Rara Avis. Currently he is a member of Mike's other band Theft by Deception, contributing lead guitar and vocals and even filling in on bass when needed. An extremely talented songwriter that's fluent on multiple instruments, Geoff has also played drums and keyboards/piano for many of these bands, as well as for his various solo recording projects. 

His main influences for Traitor include Soundgarden, Helmet, and Silverchair, and he is inspired by artists such as Chris Cornell, Synster Gates, Eddie Vedder, and Nick Hexum. As the primary songwriter and lyricist of Traitor, Geoff is the heart and soul of the band. His blues roots blend with his love of grunge rock and metal to form a unique playing style that can be heard in every song. When combined with his patented guitar leads and dynamic vocal style, it creates the sound that IS Traitor.

Mike Nelson


Originally a drummer, Mike began playing at age 13 and had joined the popular grunge rock band at his high school by the time he was 15. In his late teens, he started playing bass and guitar as well, and soon joined his childhood friends as the bassist in the band that would become Estranged. His/their first ever paying gig was opening for Geoff's band Unmarked at the Somber Reptile, and the two would go on to become lifelong friends and music collaborators.

After increasing his skills on guitar and a couple of line-up changes in the band, Mike eventually would take over as the lead singer and guitarist for Estranged until the band broke up a couple of years later. Shortly thereafter, he was recruited by David Wood to be the frontman of a new rap-rock project with Geoff called End Rezult. Upon hearing the demos and seeing the early live shows, Mike was blown away by his bandmate Geoff's new project, and enthusiastically requested to join Traitor as the full-time bass player, solidifying the lineup for years to come.

He has also played bass and/or contributed vocals, guitar, drums, or songwriting ideas for various other projects, including The Ones That Got Away and Stereo Pimp; and he currently serves at the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for his other band Theft by Deception. A prolific songwriter, Mike's extensive catalogue includes songs of many different genres.

Mike's main musical influences include TOOL, Alice in Chains, 311, and Killswitch Engage and he is inspired by bass players such as P-Nut, Norwood Fisher, Les Claypool, and Dirk Lance. He serves as the glue of Traitor - bridging the rhythmic pounding of Jes's drumming to the soaring melodies of Geoff's guitar playing and singing - while also providing complimentary backing vocals for Geoff. He brings his signature energy and drive to every Traitor practice and live show.    

Jes Spittler


Jes first decided that he wanted to play drums when he was 14 years old and a childhood friend bought a double bass drum set and a copy of Megadeth's Rust in Peace album. Jes would frequently go over to his house to practice drums and eventually bought the drum kit from his friend when he upgraded to a new one. 

After honing his skills, Jes went on to play drums in several rock, funk, punk, and reggae bands; most notably Girth, Gruvnhi, The IssuesPatina, The Green Hit, and Butter - who famously played with an up and coming (at the time) Incubus. While in his teens, Jes was fortunate enough to have legendary producer and engineer Bruce Bennett move in next to his childhood home. The two quickly became friends, then roommates, and Bruce soon took Jes on as his protege and began teaching him everything that he knew about audio engineering. 

Using this knowledge, Jes eventually bought his own studio equipment and founded Dirty Pocket Studios in 2005. Between his collaborations with Bruce and the artists that he recorded at Dirty Pocket, Jes would go on to work with many notable musicians over the next several years, including Bonz, Bobby Burns from Soulfly and Primer 55, P-Funk, Lisa Lopez from TLC, and Mike Froedge from Doubledrive. Jes has also worked as technician for famed production company Area 51, and has provided production for many music festivals and tours.

He cites TOOL, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Attila as his favorite bands, and is influenced by drummers such as Tommy Lee, Danny Carrey, Matt Cameron, John Bonham, and Nick Menza. Jes is the backbone of Traitor, providing a hard hitting pocket as a foundation to the controlled chaos that is over it. Infamously a heavy hitter. Jes is the sparkplug and driving force that is necessary for Traitor songs.